Final Platform Layer 0.9.8-beta
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How to contribute to FPL

Donate time

You can contribute your time by helping with:

  • programming: Writing demos, helping me fixing bugs, implement new platforms, etc.
  • testing and filing bug reports: Testing FPL on different platforms/compilers (
  • improving the documentation: Improving the documentation, by fixing spelling errors or fill-out missing pages/sections.
  • Send in feedback: Write feedback, answer questions, or post ideas (

I have always welcomed users whose only contribution is simply using FPL, giving me feedback on how to improve it and telling others about it. Thank you for supporting FPL.

Donate money

If you don't have time to help but do find FPL useful, then please consider making a financial donation.
This will help to pay the bills and motivate me to continue working on FPL. Thanks.

What are the financial needs of FPL?

  • Maintaining the official webpage (
  • Extending the Jetbrains CLion license
  • Buying hardware for developing and testing purposes (Computers, Soundcards, etc.)

Donation Links