Final Platform Layer 0.9.8-beta
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Data Fields
fplSettings Struct Reference

A structure containing settings, such as window, video, etc. More...

#include <final_platform_layer.h>

Data Fields

fplAudioSettings audio
 Audio settings.
fplConsoleSettings console
 Console settings.
fplInputSettings input
 Input settings.
fplMemorySettings memory
 Memory settings.
fplVideoSettings video
 Video settings.
fplWindowSettings window
 Window settings.

Detailed Description

A structure containing settings, such as window, video, etc.

Definition at line 4077 of file final_platform_layer.h.

Field Documentation

◆ audio

fplAudioSettings fplSettings::audio

Audio settings.

Definition at line 4083 of file final_platform_layer.h.

◆ console

fplConsoleSettings fplSettings::console

Console settings.

Definition at line 4087 of file final_platform_layer.h.

◆ input

fplInputSettings fplSettings::input

Input settings.

Definition at line 4085 of file final_platform_layer.h.

◆ memory

fplMemorySettings fplSettings::memory

Memory settings.

Definition at line 4089 of file final_platform_layer.h.

◆ video

fplVideoSettings fplSettings::video

Video settings.

Definition at line 4081 of file final_platform_layer.h.

◆ window

fplWindowSettings fplSettings::window

Window settings.

Definition at line 4079 of file final_platform_layer.h.

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